“We have made an unbreakable pact to care for our children no matter what the cost or obstacles.”

At JohnPaulRichard we strongly believe in helping the world by helping our children. As proud and longtime supporters of World of Children, a nonprofit funding organization whose sole mission is to improve the lives of children in need, we are devoted to bringing hope and happiness to children all around the globe.


About World of Children

World of Children unlocks the future for vulnerable children by funding, elevating and educating the most effective change-makers for children worldwide. Since 1998, the Foundation has dedicated more than $13 million in grants to high-impact programs for children, led by more than 100 Honorees working in over 50 countries. World of Children is recognized as the “Nobel Prize for Child Advocates,” and is the only global recognition and funding program that exclusively focuses on a broad range of children’s issues including health, education, safety and human rights. 


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